What size slow cooker should I buy?

I recently broke my trusty slow cooker, which gives me a good excuse to upgrade. I had a 4.5 quart before, and that was fine, but the three recommended to me are 6 qt. Is there such thing as getting a slow cooker that's too big? Storage isn't a huge issue, I'd rather just get the best product. Any other recommendations welcome!

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Wendy F. January 23, 2016
Breville slow cooker is great a bit pricey but worth it!!!
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 22, 2016
I have an All-Clad ceramic insert 6 qt. slow cooker. I love the size even in a household of 2 adults because usually the recipes I make can be leftovers or frozen. I like the stove-top ceramic insert for browning as well. After all, this time, I'm glad I have the larger capacity.
Susan W. January 22, 2016
I have 3. I know...absurd. I have a 4 qt which I use for rice, beans or a smallish batch of soup. I have a 6qt Cuisinart that browns and sautees. I love that one for making stews and roasts and braises. I can easily brown the meat before slow cooking for that extra layer of flavor all in one pot. Then I have my trusty 6.5 qt Crockpot brand. I use it for making stocks, slow cooked ribs (then I grill them to crisp them up) and large quantities of anything. If I were told I could only keep one, it would be the Cuisinart because of the nifty browning feature and it's very easy to cook beans or rice on the stove.

There are times that the size matters depending on the recipe. However, you can always increase the recipe.

I also highly recommend a digital timer. They make life easier.
DellaConsuela January 22, 2016
We have a great Hamilton Beach one that has three different-size bowls
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