I just got a pressure cooker for christmas. Need to know what brand is best

I've been wanting to get my first pressure cooker for a long time now so I requested one for Christmas and my mother-in-law delivered. She got me "Elite by Fagor 6 qt" pressure cooker. Just wondering what this community thinks is the best, high quality, pressure cooker. This one is a stove top model (which I prefer), but my wife would rather have an electric model because she would like it to double as a slow cooker.

Does anyone have an opinion to share? should we use the gift receipt, return and find a better one? What brand, model, size do you guys and gals think performs the best for a home cook?

  • Posted by: Benny
  • January 1, 2015


Alan L. January 3, 2015
The Fagor is the best! Get your wife a slow cooker and Anjou your new toy!!
Benny January 2, 2015
Thanks all, just so you all know, there would be no hard feelings in my family if we were to return/exchange gifts. We don't take Christmas that seriously. I was simply trying to find out how this brand compares to others in terms of longevity, performance and over all quality. Maybe I should have left the back-story out of the question ;). Online reviews are mixed and I couldn't decide which brand i would like. I'm the kind of person who isn't afraid to spend money on kitchen tools that are high quality and useful rather than get something that will wear out. I hadn't really expected my Mother in law to get me a pressure cooker as we set our $$ limit low, otherwise I would have done research earlier and been more specific.

So, please dont think of me as an ungrateful son in law, I was just looking for an opinion on the brand. It sounds like this is a decent one so we will probably keep it. Thanks again.
Susan W. January 2, 2015
I figured you knew how to handle your MIL and you wanted product suggestions. :)

I have an idea if you want to buy your wife a nice slow cooker. I own 3 and use and love them all for everything from chicken stock to slow cooked ribs. My favorite is my Cuisinart 3 in 1. It browns, slow cooks and steams. I've never used the steam function, but I love being able to brown meats before slow cooking. It's quite a bit more than a slow cooker, but worth every penny.
jamcook January 2, 2015
Don't insult your mother-in-law. Say Thank You, keep the one she gave you, and buy your wife a slow cooker. Sometimes family harmony is more important than kitchen appliances.
mstv January 2, 2015
That is a great pressure cooker, in my opinion. I have the larger one and use it all the time (just used it this morning to cook some beans, in fact!). I like to use it on the side burner of my gas grill (hissing outside).
Azurebuck January 2, 2015
Santa dropped off a Cuisinart 6 qt pressure cooker, and while I would've picked something higher end, such as the Elite by Fagor, I have this one a whirl the the other night and made perfectly tender pulled pork in 45 minutes. I was delighted how easy it was from start to end, almost anti-climatic. Now, I have the courage to test my pressure canner that's been gathering dust for 3 years. I think you have an excellent model and prefer the electric model to auto regulate the temperature.
Sam1148 January 1, 2015
I'm a bit torn there. I have a decent pressure cook...but I rarely used it, and I actually gave away the slow cooker because it was used even less.
I think the double duty one would be great. But I wouldn't return the one your MIL did the research and paid attention you and your requests and found the BEST and most highest rated pressure cooker available.
Buy your wife a slow cooker and keep the pressure cooker; and get your wife something else unexpected that isn't a 'tool' that she's been hinting for.

Susan W. January 1, 2015
If you use the search function at the top of this page and type in Pressure Cooker and choose Q&A, you'll find many conversations about them. Also, if you do the same search and choose Articles, there is a good one at the top of the list. Be sure and read the comments. Your pressure cooker is mentioned. Have fun. :)
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