I am organising my friend's hen party (bridal shower) and the theme is fiesta!

I have recipes for mains, sides, deserts and margaritas from this site but am looking for some nibbles to have with drinks. I don't want to serve tortilla chips with salsa and guacamole as these will be some of the sides with the main course.

Any suggestions for delicious nibbles that go well with frozen margaritas? Thanks!



Catonei11 January 25, 2016
Thanks so much for all of the great ideas! Am a little nervous about trying ceviche as have shockingly never made that before but will definitely make the quesadillas, the chili lime nuts and the elote on a stick. The garbanzos sound like they would make a delicious side for the mains! Oh and I found a recipe for stuffed chillies so I will try that too. Thanks everyone!
amysarah January 23, 2016
Quesadillas, cut into wedges, are good with drinks. Originally from Rick Bayless, a tasty and unusual filling is grilled shrimp (or broiled or sauteed, whichever is convenient,) red onion and Manchego cheese. Serve with a dollop of salsa and/or sour cream, maybe a few cilantro leaves.
HalfPint January 22, 2016
How about chili lime nuts, tequila prawns, ceviche?
702551 January 23, 2016
Yes, chilied peanuts are a classic bar snack.
Nancy January 22, 2016
Roasted garbanzos, usually done with cumin and olive oil, but you could up the spicing. Serve with toothpicks if fingers too messy for the group.
Homemade multicolor potato chips (after all, the veg is from South America).
C S. January 23, 2016
Mexico is not really part of South America. How about tiny empañadas or toasted homimy.
Nancy January 23, 2016
C Sangueza...you're right, potato is not really core to Mexican cuisine.
Rachel January 22, 2016
A fresh fish and shrimp ceviche served in individual cups would be good too! Good luck with the shower :)
Rachel January 22, 2016
Elote on a stick. I make this for my husband's gym all the time and it's good finger food (but a little messy). Before your guests arrive, break or cut corn into 2 inch pieces. Grill or roast the pieces and put a skewer or popsicle stick through the center of the cob. When finished roasting or grilling, add a generous dollop of mayonnaise to a shallow dish and shake in cayenne pepper and squeeze in a half a lime or so. Taste to see if the heat/acidity is good to you. Set out another shallow dish or plate and add a generous pile of Cotija cheese (a type of Mexican crumbling hard cheese, you can find it in most well stocked grocery stores, or at Latin American markets, I have heard about substituting Parmesan cheese in a pinch, but have never tried it) Roll the corn in the mayonnaise mixture then roll in the cotija cheese to coat. I know it may sound different but it is so good!
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