Making the Spiced Date Cake from wanderash. What quantity of rice flour is needed? There seems to be a mistake in the recipe.



702551 January 23, 2016
Errors in online recipes are an epidemic, not just here at Food52, but anywhere that people post recipes.

When you see an anomaly in an online recipe, it is best to contact the recipe author directly because it alerts that person that the error may be present in some or *ALL* of that places that person posted the recipe (cross posting recipes online is very commonplace these days).

You can use a search engine to see if that recipe is posted elsewhere. In this case, a basic Google search pointed me to the recipe on the author's own blog.

The correct measurement is one-quarter cup of rice flour.
catherinelowe January 23, 2016
Thank you.
LE B. January 24, 2016
catherine, i have asked the 52 Editors if they could put a
permanent box on the Hotline page that says something like:

but i guess they have their reasons for not doing that.
cv is right, though, that method usually gets you the best and quickest response because so many 52ers don't follow the Hotline but they have a good chance of seeing their emails.
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