Why can't you freeze sour cream?

Merrill Stubbs


Rebecca C. June 16, 2013
It's been 2 years since Merrill asked; perhaps there have been new developments. Where are we with freezing sour cream for use later use in cooking - like in the Milk-poached Chicken with Tarragon recipe?
ChefDaddy January 13, 2011
I just wanted to add that in Santa Barbara California there is an old steak house called Joe's in uptown that has been serving a mold of frozen sour cream and a bowl of salsa and sour dough bread at each table. It doesn't sound like much but you add the combination of those three Items together and you have something unexpectedly special. Pierino, I suggest any time your headed south stop by have a seat at the bar order from the menu and get to know the bartender and the people around you.. order your favorite beveridge and give this a try. Cheers!
pierino January 13, 2011
Could we just say that dairy products don't freeze well and leave it at that? Personally I don't think ice cream freezes well.
Fantastic M. January 13, 2011
Here is a page that suggests trying to restore the thickness/creamyness of your thawed sour cream by whipping in a bit of cornstarch. I am dubious about its effectiveness.

Fantastic M. January 13, 2011
I think you can freeze just about anything; however, you might not get what you expect when it thaws. I believe thawed sour cream can be stirred back together, as mentioned above, but something about the texture changes and probably makes it unpleasant.

Personally, I think sour cream is unpleasant to begin with, frozen or not, but that is another discussion. :-)
TiggyBee January 13, 2011
There's usually not enough stabilizers to keep it solid without breaking down the water content and separating. That said, I've frozen it by accident in the back of the fridge and after it thawed, I drained the water off the top, stirred it and it was fine!
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