I bought a bergamot (type of citrus fruit), thinking it looked yummy and was something I'd never seen on sale before. Now that I've looked it up, I see that it's not edible. So what am I supposed to do with it? Can I use its juice in recipes or is that not safe?



luvcookbooks January 27, 2016
Hi, also have used bergamot infused olive oil from Zingerman's over pasta w pepper and Parmesan.
ariel A. January 27, 2016
You can infuse olive oil with the peel:

I've had an ice cream sundae with bergamot olive oil drizzled over the ice cream + flaky sea salt sprinkled on top, and it was incredible!
Emily |. February 1, 2016
Sam's Sundae! I also make ice cream with bergamot olive oil in the base, if you make your own it would be a great way to use it up!
702551 January 27, 2016
Bergamot has some toxic compounds, so American plant nurseries likely label it as inedible to absolve themselves of any liability should some gardeners decide to eat lots of fresh bergamot fruit.

Consumed in very small, infrequent quantities (like the occasional pot of Earl Grey tea), there should be no problem.

It's up to the individual to decide what sort of risk to accept when consuming food with possible toxicity (eggs, shellfish, whatever).
Valhalla January 27, 2016
I don't know where the idea that bergamot is not edible is coming from. Its zest flavors earl grey tea and Italians make liqueurs and candies out of it. The juice is very tart but great in cocktails. The zest is wonderful in baked goods. See my recent post about it. I am working through 10 lbs and sad to see it go.
The Bojon Gourmet blog has recipes, but I have not gotten to them yet. I made this curd, and it is amazing--if you are able to get more:
I made marmalade, but it is pretty potent--I think it will go into ice cream and baked goods to temper it.
With one to use, I would try the zest in a recipe you like that calls for lemon zest and see how you like it. I put it in this fig cake and it is wonderful:

luvcookbooks January 27, 2016
Hi, I have a jar of candied bergamot in my refrigerator that I bought at the Fairway (helpless before an unknown, exotic fruit). I think it is edible, at least I have suffered no ill effects. I have been cutting it into little slivers and using it as a spoon fruit with tea and also putting the little slivers on toast withsome of the syrup. It's herby tasting and delicious, very sweet because of the candying but underneath that more vegetal and herb like than citrusy.
paseo January 27, 2016
Make your own Earl Grey tea?
QueenSashy January 26, 2016
You could slice it in rounds, dry the slices in the oven on very low heat and use as potpourri.
702551 January 26, 2016
There are some culinary uses for bergamot. If you use a search engine like Google, you will find some including the top hit, this marmalade recipe from David Lebovitz

as well as this Chowhound summary:

Of course, you could simply regard the plant as ornamental.
Nancy January 26, 2016
You could stick cloves in it instead of an orange or a lemon to make a pomander ball:
sdebrango January 26, 2016
Here is an interesting article on bergamot
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