what other fruit to use if figs are not in season?

I planned on making an appetizer for an event this weekend and Figs are not in season. Can you recommend another fruit in it's place with Gorgonzola on Crostini with sprinkles of honey? Thank you



Lesley S. February 6, 2016
Medjool dates.
Sweet of date with the salt tang of the cheese!
burning-ice February 3, 2016
Also dates.
Jona @. February 6, 2016
Yes, dates! Or dried figs :)
Shuchi January 27, 2016
Try roasted beets!
Rachel January 27, 2016
The other day, I roasted black grapes at 400 degrees with olive oil and salt for about 20 minutes. Then put them on crostini with a soft cheese and honey sprinkled with mint and a couple grinds of black pepper. It was delicious!
C S. January 27, 2016
If you would consider using preserves instead of fresh fruit and honey, fig preserves or quince paste would be good.
702551 January 26, 2016
Another fruit to consider would be apple.

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amysarah January 26, 2016
Pears and Gorgonzola are great together.
pierino January 27, 2016
I'm with amysarah on this one. Pears and gorgonzola are magic. You might consider bruschetta rather than crostini as the platform.
ChefJune January 28, 2016
Me three for pears and gorgonzola. Also pears and prosciutto.
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