awesome braised chicken

Any incredible braised chicken recipes that is fast and easy to make?

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Emily |. February 1, 2016
An old favorite of mine which is very fast and easy is Roman Style Chicken by Giada de Laurentiis:!. I have made it for dinner parties as well as just for my husband and I at home with happy results. Enjoy!
Susan W. January 30, 2016
Speaking of chicken adobo this is my favorite version. The full fat coconut milk adds a delicious richness. I have this bubbling away in my slow cooker right now. I did add slices of ginger, some carrot and a few mushrooms because they needed to be used.
stacy February 1, 2016
I make this chicken adobo all the time
LeBec F. January 30, 2016
These 3 really impressed me; click on this link and look at the last 3 recipes listed:

And this is a fav in my family. Also, WICKED simple!:
Susan W. January 29, 2016
Great choices so far. Here's one more that I have on a regular basis.
SeasonToTaste January 29, 2016
These recipes are favorites in our house:
Annie C. January 29, 2016
Amanda's Spatchcocked and Braise-Roasted Chicken is wonderful (and cooks in half the time of a normal roast chicken)!
Everyday K. January 29, 2016
Looks delish, what other alternative for someone who doesn't mix dairy and poultry?
Nancy January 29, 2016
For 3 delicious ones without dairy, look at these Joan Nathan recipes from South & Southwest Asia:

Fesenjan (Persian with pomegranate juice and walnuts. you could garnish with pomegranate seeds)

Musakhan, a Palestinian chicken & onion dish she learned long ago when working in Jerusalem

Chicken curry recipe from Cochin, traditionally served at Passover, makable year round. It might be hard to locate curry leaves, depending on where you live. May substitute half as many lime or bay leaves for them (not exact, but close)
Nancy January 29, 2016
PS The 3 Joan Nathan recipes may look complicated, but they are each basically a saute then braise, maybe with a garnish. If there look to be too many spices, cut down the number and use a little more of the ones you like better. Or substitute (heresy! I know, I know) curry blend in the Cochin recipe.
boymeetsgirlmeetsfood January 29, 2016
Jamie Oliver's Chicken in Milk is amazing! To give it more of a sauce, instead of keeping the lid off for the entire cooking time, we keep the lid on for the first half. It's kind of in between a braise and a roast, but we highly recommend it.
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