Reheating braised chicken thighs? Has anyone ever done this and does it affect the dish much?

We are having guests for dinner and it would be very convenient to make a braised chicken dish over lunch and reheating it. Recipes say it is okay, but given that this is for guests, I do not want to sacrifice flavor or texture.



Chef J. January 30, 2014
You just want to make sure when reheating not to over temp....Good rule is to heat back to 165 deg for at least 15 sec. If you get higher than that it will dry out the meat.
rldougherty January 29, 2014
Good to know! I ended up not having time to do it early, but good to know for the future as braised anything makes a great winter dinner for guests.
kimhw January 29, 2014
This is actually the best way to serve braised anything.
Make the day before. Reheat slowly! Yum yum.

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AntoniaJames January 29, 2014
Your braised chicken will taste better if made in advance and reheated. Consider making them the night before, even. Just make sure you store them in the braising liquid. Also, take care not to overcook them while reheating. Use a gentle heat, giving them plenty of time. ;o)
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