Does anyone have a recipe for pan fried oysters?

We enjoyed them in Malpeque Bay, PEI. A small restaurant named The Barn, situated directly on the shore. They were the best ever and I have tried to replicate the recipe... no luck and Chef would not share. Any thoughts?

Gertrude Timberlake


Gertrude T. January 30, 2016
Which seasoning would you recommend? Perhaps a smoky sea salt?
702551 January 30, 2016
Oysters are salty enough, based on my consumption of hundreds of raw ones.

If the oysters are really REALLY fresh, I suggest nothing more than maybe some freshly ground black pepper in the flour mixture.
HalfPint January 29, 2016
could you describe these oysters in more detail? as much as you remember or know about the ingredients? this would help us direct you on the right path.
Gertrude T. January 29, 2016
Pan fried, not in batter, very small amount of flour/ cornmeal. I could not distinguish the spices, not hot. The oysters were not cooked to a stiff or very crisp texture like some you see that are very dark in color with an outer crust. Perhaps sautéed would be a better description than pan fried.
HalfPint January 30, 2016
Since you can't give any details about seasoning or other flavors, it's hard to direct towards a similar recipe and The Oyster Barn does not have a menu online nor do the Yelp reviews offer any clues. It may be that the oysters were so good because 1) they were freshly shucked and 2) malbecque oysters are some of the best oysters to eat. I have a feeling that the preparation is quite simple. A simple dredge into flour and then a quick fry in butter or oil. Maybe a splash of vermouth or white wine and the oyster liquor. But that's just my guess. When you have an ingredient this fresh and delicious as is, there's very little need to add much else.
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