Is ceramic cookware safe

Trying to figure out if staub is worth it as I see my caliph akin peel and chip

Jesse Raben


Greenstuff February 1, 2016
Yes, ceramic cookware is safe. But Staub is not ceramic, it's enameled cast iron. You're right that it's pricey, but if you can afford it it's nice. If you do want to check out ceramic, look at Emile Henry Flame. It's pretty wonderful and can even go on the grill.
Jesse R. February 1, 2016
ahh right - -sorry about that -- enameled versus ceramic. I see the staub enameled cast iron a lot of places and believe it to be safe. Just want to begin getting away from the non-stick stiff as I see it peel and crack in my pots and pans. Thanks-
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