How to remove "stains" from a ceramic non-stick frying pan?

Being the budget fiends that we are, my boyfriend and I bought a Tasty brand ceramic non-stick frying pan from Walmart. It was great but after a few uses, I noticed faint dark splotches in the middle of it, like it was burnt. Then I noticed two small, brown lines on it after using it another time. No matter how hard I scrubbed, none of it will come off. Here's what it looks like for reference

How do I remove these? Is the ceramic starting to chip or something? Do we have to throw it out and buy a new, more expensive one?

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1 Comment

Hi Jennifer,

While I'm not familiar with that exact brand, we have some great tips on cleaning and caring for your nonstick cookware here:

Hopefully some of these tips will help with the burn marks you're seeing!

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