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I'm making some food for a good friend who recently had major surgery. She doesn't have any specific dietary restrictions, but generally eats pretty fresh and clean. One of her favorite foods is salmon. I love fish and seafood, but actually hate salmon myself, so don't have any regular dishes I make. I'm going to deliver it to her pre-cooked, so looking for something that can be rewarmed easily (I know, not always ideal with fish) and/or eaten cold/room temp. Any great recommendations? Thanks.



sweetlolo February 3, 2016
Thanks for all of the great ideas. I'm going to start with the miso glazed recipe, and than maybe try some others.
Windischgirl February 1, 2016
Yummy served warm or chilled is a Swedish salmon preparation, https://food52.com/recipes/35918-swedish-fish . Because it's poached, it retains its moistness. Makes good leftovers, too.
Windischgirl February 1, 2016
Yummy served warm or chilled is a Swedish salmon preparation, https://food52.com/recipes/35918-swedish-fish . Because it's poached, it retains its moistness. Makes good leftovers, too.
amysarah February 1, 2016
Depending on whether you feel like doing the cooking, but an alternative would be good smoked salmon (hot or cold smoked) or gravlax - always a treat for a salmon lover. You can buy it sliced, just enough for one if she's alone, and no reheating. Bring some good sliced pumpernickel, maybe some cream cheese/creme fraiche, capers, etc. as well...I'd be happy if someone pampered me that way!
Uncle J. February 1, 2016
Sprinkle salt, pepper, and a generous amount of smoked paprika on a fillet, toss with olive oil, saute just until done. Good reheated or room temp.

Poach or steam a fairly thick piece of salmon till just done. Make a sauce of mayo or yogurt with a dab or mustard or curry powder. Best served cold.

Make a sandwich of peppered smoked salmon and cole slaw on an english muffin.
Megan February 1, 2016
Another idea -- look through the archives for Amanda's Kids' Lunch. I seem to recall that she often poaches fish in olive oil and then uses the leftovers to top various grain salads and hearty greens. Not recipes exactly, but they may inspire you. And these would be ideas that are meant to be eaten room-temp or cold so no worries about reheating- whatever your views are on that!
702551 February 1, 2016
The Japanese reheat cooked fish all the time. Not a big deal.

Just heat it enough to take off the chill, not so much to cook the fish more.

Of course, some fish dishes are more amenable to reheating than others but to categorically say that you can't reheat fish ignores the fact that perhaps a billion people on this planet will have some sort of reheated cooked fish this week.

The people who say not to reheat cooked fish simply aren't all that experienced fish cooks.
ChefJune February 1, 2016
This salmon dish https://food52.com/recipes/4532-falafel-crusted-salmon-on-a-bed-of-spinach is easy, pretty, and also good at room temp. I would NOT warm up fish that is already cooked. It WILL become overcooked and disagreeable.
lloreen February 1, 2016
Salmon Moqueca (Brazilian stew) is a family favorite and holds up very well to reheating in the microwave. It's a complete meal full of veggies and I serve it either with spaghetti squash or brown rice. https://food52.com/recipes/4574-salmon-moqueca
I've made this with tilapia as well and it was good.
Megan February 1, 2016
I've never eaten this reheated, but this is one of our favorites and very simple
Summer O. February 1, 2016
scruz February 1, 2016
i don't have quantities, but you really don't need them. put a couple of teaspoon/tablespoon size drizzles of tamari soy sauce, a splash each of mirin (sweet wine) and toasted sesame oil on foil covered baking sheet (can be formed into a boat shape). grate some ginger and onion or garlic (can be omitted) and add a bit of honey or maple syrup. put fish in to lightly coat and marinade for an hour before and then bake. it is really good left over on a salad. any fish done this way tastes really clean and flavorful. use good, fresh or frozen fish and don't overcook. if you underbake it, reheat briefly in microwave carefully.
inpatskitchen February 1, 2016
We love our salmon cold or at room temperature and I make a variation of this recipe often:
It can certainly be made ahead and just blanch whatever vegetables are in season.
HalfPint February 1, 2016
I love miso glazed black cod, so this recipe will also work with salmon,
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