Freezing breaded chicken?

I would like to make and freeze a batch of breaded, pan fried chicken tenders to have on hand for my daughter, who loves them. They crisp up pretty well after being refrigerated (not as good as straight out of the oven, but my daughter doesn't care), but I've never frozen them before and I don't know if they would crisp up again after freezing. She is not interested in eating the pre-packaged, frozen kind - I've tried that and no go, she will only eat the ones I make (which is pretty cool). Anyone have experience with this?

Kristen W.


Kristen W. February 1, 2016
Awesome - thanks! Yes, when I recrisp them out of the fridge I do it in the oven too.
keg72 February 1, 2016
I do this all the time for my kids, and I find that they crisp up nicely out of the freezer. I usually bake them (rather than reheating them in a pan).
Kristen W. February 1, 2016
...I meant not as good as straight out of the PAN not straight out of the oven. Wishing for that edit button...
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