Have You Worked with Yufka?

I am a pastry NUT, meaning that I love things wrapped in dough and baked or fried. But there is just something about rolling out doughs..........that i hate. to be honest. So i'm always on the alert for alternatives. I've done my due diligence with Filo the last 30 years, and I recently came across a Turkish dough, available prepared and cut, called Yufka. I bought some packages today with the thought of using it (baking or frying) for my ready-and-waiting tub of empanada filling. (I don't want to use wonton wrappers or puff pastry.) But i think the empanadas need to be sealed (that's what i've always done, in a cream cheese pastry dough) and i don't know if that will work w the yufka. I have been googling and on 52 there is one recipe for filled yufka in a snake spiral that is then baked. I wrote the author with my questions but also wanted to throw this out to the larger 52 community. Appreciate your help re yufka!

LeBec Fin


Guliz February 9, 2016
As a Turkish women and a food blogger, I have used Yufka many times. Actually, in Turkey we make our own Yufka from scratch and it tastes much better. The point is you need to apply some oil mixed with yogurt or milk in each layer and top. You can find some of my recipes here.
LeBec F. February 17, 2016
guliz, yes, but why the milk or yoghurt? why not just oil or butter?
Jona @. February 6, 2016
Yufka in Albania is pasta dough, very similar to tagliatelle
LeBec F. February 7, 2016
jona, that's so interesting, but irrelevant for the item I am asking about-- see the links above.
Jona @. February 7, 2016
I thought that would mean they were made from the same type of dough. Anyways, cannot help you with that :)
LeBec F. February 17, 2016
jona, I apologize.i just saw this reference to borek and pasta, so it looks like you were right!:
Nancy February 2, 2016
Haven't worked with this pastry (yet) myself, but here are two possible recipes from Yotam Ottolenghi and Silvena Rowe. she's a london chef & cookbook author from the Balkans, whose recipes I like. And she has lots of Turkish recipes, from when the Ottomans ran her country.
zaatar spiced rabbit gozleme
feta and leek borek
beef and pine nut borek
Nancy February 2, 2016
here's the link for Ottolenghi boreks
Nancy February 9, 2016
Today had a fine potato boreka made with this dough.
There were also cheese ones at this morning's coffee shop.
So much choice!
I guess I'll have to go back.
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