NYU Food Studies Program...advice please!

Hey guys, i'm thinking about applying for the NYU Food Studies Program (as an International Student), just wondering if it's worth it, what kind of experiences people have had, how does it translate into employ-ability, etc and also if there are any international students on here who attended and how it worked out for them. Thanks!

Srishti V. Handa


Kristen M. February 2, 2016
Hi Srishti, I did the NYU Food Studies Master's Program and as you probably already know, there are a lot of people who've gone on to have great careers in food after the program. It's a wonderful place to network with like-minded people (it's how I first got connected with Amanda & Merrill at Food52 when they were just starting!) and the field trip classes in particular offer easy access to producers and experts in the field, and great all-around experiences. It's also really important to look into the costs compared with the income that careers will provide afterward—the program is a big investment, and a lot of jobs in food don't pay particularly well (though they're beneficial in other ways, like good snacks!). If you don't think that the investment is right for you, there are other ways to get fantastic experiences—write to people whose careers you admire, volunteer, intern, take one-off classes, start a blog, take entry-level jobs in the industry to get experience and meet people. I hope this is helpful!
Srishti V. February 2, 2016
Hi Kristen, thanks so much for replying. I found the course structure very exciting, especially the business and policy tracks. I've been running my own food company for close to three years now and am getting more and more interested in the policy side of food. Would love to hear your thoughts on that re the program, in case you have any.
Kristen M. February 2, 2016
I focused more on food media and culture, so I'm not as familiar with the policy classes, but there are definitely good resources at (and through) NYU.
ChefJune February 2, 2016
I have not taken the program, but if you like I can connect you with some past and present students who would be glad to fill you in. From what I know of the program, the content is excellent and the program is well run.
Srishti V. February 2, 2016
Hi, that would be phenomenal, i'd really appreciate that! I have sent you a private message with my details...thank you!
Maedl February 2, 2016
I haven't gone through the academic program, but about eight or nine years years ago I participated in a program sponsored by the NYU program on the Mediterranean diet. It was held in Florence and I was very impressed with the quality of the sessions and speakers. Food studies have become a legitimate academic discipline here. I would say that if that is where your passion lies, it is a good choice.
Srishti V. February 2, 2016
Thanks so much for your input Maedi! I'm hoping it's a worthy risk :)
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