BRIX Values: In search of a comprehensive list

I am looking for sites with Brix values on food stuffs that are not just mainstream US but also internationally and regionally specific. I have recently moved to Singapore and have been working on keeping a running list of values that I run across when testing local produce. I was wondering if I will have to do this again when I move to Brazil. Is there an international Brix collective??

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1 Comment

usuba D. August 25, 2011
I have worked with brix for years with wine and jams, so I would suggest that you contact one of the land grant universities for a chart. In business we created our own to match the quality for our particular application. . . you may have to do the same in the end. What and how you will use the product will depend on the brix target you are looking for. Brix is very dependent on weather and climate, amount of sun, etc.
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