Super Bowl food hits & misses

Time for the "Monday morning quarterbacking..." Did you make anything especially awesome (or especially NOT awesome) for the big game yesterday?

Meaghan F


Molly W. February 3, 2015
Handsome husband and I dug into one of our standby "in front of the tv" dinners. Grilled hotdogs on soft rye bread with mustard and warm sauerkraut with caraway seeds. ALWAYs accompanied by chips (Ballreich's, imported from Toledo, Ohio) and sweet gherkins. Good thing we were finished with the hotdogs by the end of the game; I think we would have thrown them at the screen....
Meaghan F. February 3, 2015
Yum!! I love wings and appreciate the new ideas. I was toying with the idea of making "hot chicken" this year but honestly just wasn't up for a task like that.
ktr February 2, 2015
Since everyone seems to have made wings - what do you do with all the leftover blue cheese dip. I have a ton left over.
Meaghan F. February 3, 2015
Have you heard if what the French call "le grande aioli?" It's basically a spread featuring a variety of roasted vegetables meant to be dipped in fresh aioli, served with good bread on the side. I'd imagine it would work well with BC dip in place of the aioli.
ktr February 3, 2015
Interesting idea. I may try that. Thanks!
Dianaba February 2, 2015
Wings were a hit! I marinate a bunch of chicken drummettes in a combo of mild and super hot of this sauce: for 2 nights, then bake. I boil the leftover sauce and pour over the cooked wings just before serving with blue cheese dressing & carrot and celery sticks.
Regine February 2, 2015
I made these. Very good. But next time I will skip the salt in the egg white mixture and skip the fish sauce to cut down some of the saltiness. Also, if you don't like it to hot, replace some of the korean chili paste with maybe ketchup or Frank Redhot Wing Buffalo Sauce.
ktr February 2, 2015
I made these wings for the game along with some blue cheese dip. My husband declared them the best wings he's ever eaten.
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