I am looking for a pasta recipe

I saw a pasta recipe on pinterest 2 days ago and now it is haunting me.
Here are the details :
1) It is from a blog.
2) It is a vegetarian recipe.
3) There are atleast 6 pictures in this post. The most memorable picture that is kind of burned into my head is - a white bowl, like a nuts bowl, and the spaghetti pasta is in the bowl with a fork sticking it and standing upright.
4) This recipe has Olive oil, garlic, spaghetti, tomato sauce, fresh basil.

Please PLEASE, does anybody know what this recipe is ?

Many thanks in advance.


  • Posted by: MK
  • December 28, 2013


LeBec F. January 17, 2014
did you try doing a google search for 'pinterest spaghetti with basil and tomato'?
baker2 January 17, 2014
We call this a skillet sauce and I agree. I am Siciian and I assume you don't cook this particular sauce for a long time. If it is the same as mine it is fresh and delicious.
joanne December 28, 2013
I took cooking class in Italy and we made pasta pomodoro using ingredients you list. Throw few smashed garlic cloves into olive oil in pan (you will take out garlic later so doesn't need to be pressed, etc). Then add can crushed tomatoes (San marzano is a must) and let cook for a bit. Add in some chiffonaded basil, salt and pepper to taste. Pull out garlic. Best pasta sauce ever.

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bigpan December 28, 2013
I don't know this picture or recipe, but from what you say just simply make the pasta, toss in tomato sauce and top with the fresh basil. As for the garlic, you can roast a head of garlic (or two) and toss in the cloves. Or, cut some slices and lightly cook in oil (do not burn) and toss into the sauce or into the pasta. Italians prefer to add pasta to the sauce then pull out to plate. N. Americans seem to prefer to drown the pasta with sauce. You want to get a nice balance of flavors so each one stands out by itself. As for the tomato sauce, I trust you are using a tin from Italy and not a heavily salted H*nts, or H*inz etc.
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