I made the egg in a hole, but how do I eat it?


Ryan Powell


Sarah E. February 2, 2016
Hmm, this seems like a special case. You may need more than one napkin.
And you're right, they don't seem to sell gusto on Amazon, nor do they offer vigor or enthusiasm. It turns out you can however, purchase joy:


But if an egg in a hole isn't making you happy enough as is (regardless of napkin situation), I'm not sure how much a supplement will help.
Ryan P. February 2, 2016
Is this what you were recommending? https://www.dolce-gusto.us/ I suppose coffee would help me get down the napkin pieces that are now stuck to my egg, but its too bad I don't have that now. I am just going to throw away the mess I've made.
Susan S. February 2, 2016
First you put a napkin over your blouse, cleavage, shirt....then employ the following...A spoon to catch the drippy yolk or another slice of toast to dunk into the yolk. When you have slurped that delisioness up you may find, according to the place in life you are seated, it is time for the knife and fork. Then I would take my plate to the kitchen and lick it clean!
Sarah E. February 2, 2016
We definitely sell napkins. I don't think you can put a price on gusto.
Ryan P. February 2, 2016
Im eating this with a napkin and now its sticking to the egg!! Will the gusto keep that from happening? I cant find it on Amazon!!
Sarah E. February 2, 2016
with gusto.
And a napkin.
Ryan P. February 2, 2016
Do you sell that in your shop?
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