How long do raw eggs out of the shell last?

I made a cake last week that, long story short, left me a few extra egg whites and yolks. I've had them in a covered plastic container in refrigerator since, the yolks and eggs mixed together. They still smell fine, should they be ok for eating?

I was curious if the shell magically keeps them fresher longer, since the rest of the eggs in the dozen are good.

Emily Hanhan
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Elaine R. May 21, 2012
Freeze them. No spoilage that way
bigpan May 20, 2012
The real question is ... do you want to trade a couple hours in the bathroom to save 31 cents?
Emily H. May 20, 2012
Well, it's definitely more than $0.31 worth of organic eggs. But that is very true
Reiney May 20, 2012
The shell does preserve freshness. When stored, broken, with the yolk, they start to go bad (off colour, white film on top) after a couple of days in the fridge. I've got a pretty strong stomach but I'd probably throw them out if they're more than 3 days past.

Egg whites on their own will keep several weeks in the fridge - just pitch them when they start to get very cloudy.
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