Cook time the same if I used boneless chicken breast?

  • Posted by: Jacob
  • February 3, 2016
BBQ Pulled Chicken
Recipe question for: BBQ Pulled Chicken


Cav February 5, 2016
Boneless chicken breasts are amongst the worst things to put in a slow cooker. They have no connective tissue to break down, no fat, no gelatin. Any low and slow method with breasts will likely result in dry stringy unpleasant. The cook time that breasts would require is so short that it negates the only real benefit of a slow cooker: set it and forget it.

You'd be better served by quickly poaching the chicken, shredding it and mixing it with the BBQ sauce.

Lindsay-Jean H. February 5, 2016
Hi Jacob - I'm sorry you haven't received an answer to this yet. Fitlexyskitchen might have missed the question, you can also try sending her a direct message by clicking the envelope on her profile page, here:
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