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preserved lemon liquid

What should I do with the ultra-lemony but salty liquid from a jar of homemade preserved lemons?

asked by Juliann 12 months ago
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Lisanne is a trusted home cook.

added 12 months ago

Add a bit to salad dressing or a spoonful to guacamole. I have seen jars of bitters at Whole Foods made up of preserved lemon liquid, an interesting idea though I haven't tried!

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added 12 months ago

I had thought about salad dressing but this guac suggestion is a good one. Thanks!

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Susan W

Susan W is a trusted source on General Cooking.

added 12 months ago

Another fun thing to do is to puree your lemons up next time. I tasted as I went because of fear of overly salty, but I ended up using all the liquid and it's perfect. I find the puree easier to use.