Any creative ideas for Oscar party food puns?

My friends have a high bar for silliness and deliciousness so I'm turning to the brilliant Food52 minds for help! Thanks ;)



Kristen W. February 5, 2016
Nicholas Cage-free egg quiche
Blueberry Brangelina muffins...for some reason only brunch items are coming to me.
creamtea February 4, 2016
These are so funny!!
Sorry, I have no suggestions, just enjoying the thread...
Burf February 4, 2016
Straight Outta Compote
Bevi February 4, 2016
Cranstonberry Sauce
The Big Shortbread
Tom Hardy Cider
Sylvester Scallion Pancakes
Stefania O. February 4, 2016
Chris Rock Shrimp Cocktail
Bridge of Spicy Tuna Rolls
Baked Brie Larson (c'monnnn)
Charlotte Dumplings
The Big Shortribs
Chicken Rooney Marsala

...THE REDVELVETENANT *shifty eyes*
stacy February 4, 2016
Annabelle February 4, 2016
OMG you guys do not disappoint! Thank you for these great ideas!
Riddley G. February 4, 2016
Mark Buffalo: buffalo wings
Mark Ryelance: Rye toast canapés with smoked salon
The Danish (Pastry) Girl: danish pastries
Star S'mores: The Force Awakens
We Can't Live Without Cosmopolitans: cocktails
Bridge of Fries
Riddley G. February 4, 2016
Tyler February 4, 2016
Brooklyn Blackout Cake
Sangria or some other drink served in a pitcher - Best Pitcher (maybe even have a few different options and friends could vote on the "Best Pitcher" winner)
Baked Brie Larson
The Cheese Danish Girl
Steve Cobs (corn on the cob)
Panfusine February 4, 2016
Slice of Pi(e),
Slumdog Millionaire'(s) shortbread

Voted the Best Reply!

mdz24 February 4, 2016
Bridge of Pies
The Big Shortcake
Indian inspired dinner with Mad Max: Curry Road
Steve Cobs salad
The Hard Boiled 8
Brooklynk sausages
Leo DiCaprese salad
Christian Kale smoothies
Kate Winslettuce wraps
caninechef February 4, 2016
something involving ham?
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