food for winter camping

going on a 3 day ski/yurt trip in the mountains, what is your favorite high calorie bar/snack?

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david_brownless February 20, 2012
Tins. Of duck confit with tin beans and sausages heat for great cassoulet

Brain H. February 19, 2012
Yes! I have room for maple syrup. I always have a bag of bacon bits, just in case. That takes care of dessert one night.
I looked up True Lemon and I have never heard of/ seen it, but it is available at my local grocery. Very cool.
Thanks again Sam. I'll let you know how it goes.

Sam1148 February 19, 2012
I gave my mother "out-law" my partner's Mom. Some the true lime, tea, and other things in a gift basket last year.

She's a 'world traveler', 72 yo..and packs one carry on, and small suite case. She liked it so much she sent me a email saying she got 300 packets on ebay and keeps it in her pack and purse for bottle water, and re-hydration and vita c for her travels and for tea. When they don't have lemon/lime for the tea..or water.

We also gave some to a friend that now uses it for tequila salt shooter.
Sam1148 February 19, 2012
Oh...just thought of this. Maple syrup on snow. This might add a bit of weight to your pack, but can do double duty for oatmeal. (and some bacon bits in the oatmeal please).
Sam1148 February 19, 2012
Probably too late for you find this product. "True Lime" "True Lemon".

Amazing stuff. It's old in little packets at supermarkets.
There's a location thingy on the that site for you zip code.
It does not taste like crappy lemon or juice. It's pure cystalized lime/lemon. Great for bottled water, tea, or making a dressing..etc. Or popcorn and salt, ginger powder, cumin, paprika, white pepper. etc..(Think thai seasoning dried on popcorn). But then again that's another story...if you're camping.

Anyways, if you see that in the get won't be sorry.

Sam1148 February 19, 2012
I'm going to post this it's my favorite for 'first night' for camping.

Steak. Charbroil a few steaks. Slightly underdone..just char the outside.
For 5 bucks or so, you can get a ziplock vac pack system at most supermarkets. It has a little manual pump and ziplock bags and several bags.
Freeze the steaks in the bags...Then seal and pump out the air. Throw in some herb butter. Freeze first..then remove the air.
At the campsite...boil some water..and put in the bags (defrosted). to warm finish cooking.
Think of it as a 'reserve' Sous Vide method.
Do the same with with green beans. Mashed potatoes. And use those frozen as 'cool pack' for the cooler if you're using that type of camping. And not backpacking.
Brain H. February 19, 2012
The steak dinner sounds amazing... I will have to try that next summer. But I am skinning into the yurt with everything I need on my back. And...I'm leaving in the morning! I love the dashi/miso idea. That will be a perfect apres ski snack, and the salt will be needed. I haven't had a Payday in about 15 years, but what am I waiting for?

Thanks so much. Great stuff, Sam.
Sam1148 February 19, 2012
Beef Jerky, or Turkey Jerky. Nuts. String cheese. "old Wisconsin" brand beef sticks. Oatmeal cookies.
Chocolate bars, Snickers, "Pay day" bars.
Trail mix with raisins and M&Ms.
Something for a warm broth: Powdered Japanese "Dashi"...Wakami Seaweed (dried)..and a baggie of brown miso. Vac pac tofu. Dried mushrooms. Wakimi is a good dried sea's almost like a collard green.
Or cans of clams for a chowder. With powder milk and a potato, a bit of flour, oil/butter...some dried corn.
A dried bean soup mix. Or a dried chili mix. Or a dried veggie "taco filling" mix. Which could probably be all stewed together to a stew. Bring seasoning. And little camp bottles of soy sauce, Worcester, oil, vinegar.
Vac packed: Tuna, Smoked salmon, noodles.
The camp bottles with a fold down nozzle. Don't forget salt and pepper. The McCormick pepper grinder is light and good quality. And tea bags..and coffee bags.
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