Help! The photos in my collections seem to have changed! They do not seem to be Food52 photos - they are not very attractive!!! Please change back!!!

Please change these photos back!!! Example : the Casseus cheese truck photo, one of my all-time favorites...Your photography is half the reason I cook these amazing recipes. They bring me joy on a daily basis. The new ones look like amateur photos - neither inspiring nor stylish...

Stephanie Fleury


alp.aker February 7, 2016
Sorry for the suboptimal images. It's a temporary situation.

We're currently re-working our image hosting infrastructure. If you have a retina device (which includes most new-ish Apple devices) some images will, for the moment, display at a low resolution. We'll be back to crisp-looking pictures within a few days.
Stephanie F. February 7, 2016
Thank you for the speedy response. Very much looking forward to seeing your beautiful and inspiring photography again soon! However, it does not seem to be just a problem of resolution. The shots themselves have changed...My collections look as though they were "photo-hacked!" But, again, thank you for responding and will look forward to the update...
amysarah February 7, 2016
A couple of my own recipe photos seem to be scrambled as well (not in a good egg-y way.)
Emily |. February 7, 2016
I am having the same problem! Maybe the editors can address this?
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