How hard do they get? I put mine in the dehydrator to speed them up, but they still crush when I pinch them -will they get as hard as the commerci... version

  • Posted by: smonfor
  • February 9, 2016
Conversation Hearts
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Erin J. February 11, 2016
I've never tried making them in the dehydrator, but mine were very hard (not crumbly) after two days of air drying. They're thinner than the store-bought variety, so they won't be exactly the same, but they should be snappy/hard!
Lindsay-Jean H. February 10, 2016
How did they turn out after their trip in the dehydrator smonfor?

I think part of it has to do with how thick or thin they're rolled out, as Erin notes in the accompanying article: "Note: The thicker you make your hearts, the longer they will take to dry, and the less brittle their texture will be. Thinner hearts are more snappy in texture, while thicker hearts will have a little more substance."
smonfor February 10, 2016
I'm not sure if the dehydrator sped them up or not - I got the suspicion that it was just warm enough to make the sugar soft. Anyway - 48 hours on and they are hard - but not like the store bought ones, more like a butter cookie and I can still smash them with my fingers when I squeeze hard. Still they are tasty (sugar and artificial flavoring? win!) and fun. I'll see if they keep hardening in the next few days but I'm satisfied enough to do a full on batch. They were 1/4 of an inch thick - per the directions. I wouldn't want to make them thinner, personally.
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