Cannot get The Cake Bible link to work is it my computer or is it broken

  • Posted by: Barbara
  • February 14, 2016


Kristen M. February 14, 2016
I'm sorry about the broken links in the headnote—they should be fixed now!
Susan W. February 14, 2016
You are correct. The Cake Bible link takes you to a blank page. Was it the questions and answers from her that you wanted to see? I'll bet you could find that page using Google, the name of the cake and faq or some such thing.
Susan W. February 14, 2016
Here's her YouTube video. This is part one. Part two is listed to the right of the video. By the way..the Downey Butter Cake also listed there is one of my all time favorites. I'd forgotten all about it. It has such a great texture.
Nancy February 14, 2016
This is a great cake!
I was able to see the recipe in food52, so maybe your computer or web access has a problem.
If problem persists, use a google search as recipe is published elsewhere.
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