Chocolate oblivion truffle torte pie?

Could this be baked in a pie shell instead of a water bath? Would it provide enough insulation or should I lower the temperature?

  • Posted by: Cathy
  • November 24, 2021
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1 Comment

Emma L. November 24, 2021
Hi Cathy! In this article (, Rose Levy Beranbaum talks about the torte in more detail. With respect to the water bath, she says: "It keeps the temperature equal, and it keeps it moister on the sides, because you're introducing moisture during the baking. It's really affecting the top more, and then whatever it does on the top is going to work its way down, so it will improve the entire texture. Also it is essential to use a double layer of heavy duty aluminum foil or water will seep in to the springform pan and then into the cake." So I wouldn't recommend ditching the water bath for a pie shell. But! Something fun you could do is, follow Rose's recipe as written, then sprinkle some pie crispies on top of each slice as a crunchy bonus: Hope that helps and happy Thanksgiving!
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