Can I use chocolate chips instead of bars in this recipe?

Preethi Anup


LeBec F. March 19, 2019
unfortunately, your member page is empty so i do't know if , in your location, you have no access to excellent quality chocolate? in the u.s., readily-available choc chips, w/ rare exception, are the MacDonalds of chocolate. Rose's creations are so fine, plse. use ingredients that would make her happy. don't wear ripped jeans and flip-flops to your grandmother's birthday party. what a treat you're making!
Kristen M. March 18, 2019
Hi Preethi, for this recipe (and any others where the texture of the chocolate is key), I'd recommend going with bars in the percentage range Rose specifies (and making sure you love the flavor of the chocolate itself, since it's the main attraction). Chips have other ingredients to help them keep their shape when they melt, so they won't blend well into this torte.
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