What is the shelf life of homemade pickled beets. Not canned.



dbratene February 2, 2022
Dude...my buddy just ate some of my old pickled beets that were going on more than a year and closer to 2 years that were stored in a glass jar with a lid. Continuously refrigerated. Made an account just to leave this message lol. Good luck.
702551 February 18, 2016
While I've not done pickled beets and I have made other pickled items (including sauerkraut) and I think 6 weeks to 3 months is the optimal timeframe.

Personally, I don't see spoilage as a major concern, but after a couple of months, the pickled items will change a bit both in flavor as well as texture. If the texture changes, it will become mushier.

Of course, it's up to you to decide how you feel about that. Normally when I pickle items, I eat them over the course of 1-3 months and I mentally note the changes.

In my mind, the overall quality level will deteriorate way before any spoilage occurs; the items will still be edible but far less enjoyable than earlier.

Again, this is entirely your call.
Exbruxelles February 18, 2016
As long you keep them refrigerated, they're going to last until you finish them.
gotligirl February 18, 2016
Thank you!
Nancy February 18, 2016
Different recipes say between 6 weeks and 3 months, refrigerated.
In practice, I have kept them the longer time span.
But if you store them beyond 3 months and you're worried, check for signs of spoilage (rising bubbles, cloudy liquid, unnatural color) and don't eat (don't even taste).
Check with an extension service (online or local) or an expert for more info.
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