Can you make arepas with masa, or do you have to use the precooked meal?

Jimmy Hoxie


scruz February 20, 2016
hubby lived in venezuela for several years. arepa pan is a flour type mix we used the one time i tried to make them. mine turned out like hockey pucks so i hung up my arepa spurs for all time. i do like yuca however and fried plantain "coins."
C S. February 19, 2016
I have not made arepas by myself, but according to Maricel Presilla's Gran Cocina Latina they are better made with white cracked corn, rather than the precooked meal. She recommends Maíz Trillado Blaco either La Venezolana or Goya brands. Her recipe calls for this corn to be soaked for a day, them simmered until it is al dente. So it must be coarser than masa harina, and need to be cooked to achieve the consistency you want. Good luck.
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