WW pastry flour??

  • Posted by: VickyD
  • February 19, 2016
Almond Coffee Cake
Recipe question for: Almond Coffee Cake


LE B. February 19, 2016
vicky, yes, almond is delicate, but you certainly could use 50% whole wheat or white whole wheat. Pastry flour however is used for pastry dough, not cake, so I'd use the non-pastry flours.you could also put in some fine cornmeal if you like a little gritty texture. I'd be tempted to try 25%. I used 50% in these cookies, but that's grittier.
ChefJune February 19, 2016
Are you asking whether you can sub whole wheat pastry flour for the ap flour in this recipe? I wouldn't. Almond is a fairly delicate flavor, and the flavor of the whole wheat flour is likely to upstage it. I'm making this cake this weekend -- thanks for calling it to my attention - and can let you know after I've tasted it if I think it could withstand the WW flour.
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