The Piglet is almost here! Out of curiosity, what cookbooks do people already own and would heartily recommend?

I have a few already, but I'd like to get some more and judge for myself as the contest goes on!

  • Posted by: Meghan
  • February 24, 2016


Exbruxelles February 25, 2016
My favorite: The Zuni Cafe Cookbook.
702551 February 25, 2016
A good cookbook but it is important to note that the author -- the late Judy Rodgers -- herself in the last decade of her life backed away from the salt quantities in those published recipes.

The recipes are quite good but more often than not, you'll have a better dish if you dial back the salt by a third.
Meghan February 25, 2016
Thanks, everyone! Cookbook advice is my favourite kind of advice.
QueenSashy February 24, 2016
I love Kenji's The Food Lab. Especially if you are into science or would like to understand how things in the kitchen work and why. (Do not fret, even if you are not into science, everything is explained so nicely and clearly, and is a lot of fun.) It's the kind of book you buy not so much for the recipes but for technique, it makes you instantly a better cook. Kind of like McGee for Dummies, but in a totally adorable and great way.
E E. February 24, 2016
People always love recipes that I cook from Suzanne Goin's Sunday Suppers at Luques.
James Beard's American Cookery and Beard on Bread. Well, all of his books, really.
Ottolenghi's Plenty
Gale Gand's Butter Sugar Flour Eggs
Elizabeth David's trilogy on Summer Cooking, Mediterranean Cooking and French Country Cooking will feed your soul.
Aliza Green's Starting with Ingredients: Quintessential Recipes for the Way We Really Cook. This one is amazing and I have never understood why she does not get the attention she deserves. Everything I make from this book is good.
CanadaDan February 24, 2016
Ken Forkish's Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast changed my life. I used to make no knead bread every month or so. Becuase of this book i no longer buy bread, i just make batches and freeze them. The whole wheat breads are amazing. Not to mention i tried about a dozen pizza dough recipes before settling on this one, which results in the tastiest and chewiest pizza i've ever made. highly recommended!
navahfrost February 24, 2016
Zahav! I have made a few recipes from the book, plan to make as much as possible based on my preliminary findings:) The hummus in this book is insanely good.
Chocolate B. February 24, 2016
Love Zahav! Have cooked a lot from Ottolenghi's books, but find Zahav much more enjoyable/accessible in terms of ingredients required. That hummus is, as you say, "insanely good."
marynn February 24, 2016
Just received Gjelina and am kinda grooving all over it. Burned up my Post-it note stash.
Meghan February 25, 2016
I am a Post-It noter, too! I use pink for ones I want to make, and yellow once I've made them--it's a good sign when a book is almost all yellow!
luvcookbooks February 24, 2016
I have the Violet Bakery Cookbook and have enjoyed looming through it. Haven't tried anything yet. Also bought Honey and Co, a Piglet community pick, and LOVE it! Made the eggplant sabich, a couple of chicken recipes, and falafel.
Meghan February 24, 2016
Oops, that's poorly worded! I meant: which cookbooks do you already own and which would you heartily recommend?
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