How to add a picture to an already published recipe

Where did the "Add Photo" option go on published recipes? I'd like to add one and it no longer gives the option when saving as an edit to an already published recipe.

Emily | Cinnamon&Citrus


702551 October 3, 2018
I had another thought.

Are you trying to add a photo to a recipe in the current recipe contest? Submissions ended on September 30th, so it is possible that the Food52 editors have locked down all edits to contest submissions until the winner is announced on November 9th.

I see from your profile that you submitted a photo-less apple recipe on the 29th of last month.

My guess is that the editors prohibit recipe authors from editing recipes after the submission deadline to prevent people from unfairly gaming the system.

Here's an easy test.

Visit your Onion Escabeche recipe from 2016:

and see if the "Edit Photo" button appears there. That recipe probably wasn't submitted to the current apple recipe contest.

If you see the "Edit Photo" button there on the Onion Escabeche recipe, but not on your Thai-style Green Apple Salad recipe, then I think you have your answer.

Anyhow, best to confirm with the Food52 editorial staff as this is only my guess and I have only published one recipe here.
702551 October 3, 2018
While you are logged into Food52, visit the recipe page.

Click on the "Add Photos" button.
702551 October 3, 2018
P.S., I am also on a Mac and it clearly shows up in my web browser.

If you do not see the button, please contact Food52's helpdesk directly at [email protected].

Best of luck.
BerryBaby September 29, 2018
I found at the top of your recipe there are 2 choices, Edit and Add Photos is right next to it.
Emily |. October 3, 2018
That used to be how I saw the page, but with the new re-format I don't see the Add Photos option anymore. Maybe because I use a Mac or a mobile device? Hopefully the editors can weigh in on this.
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