Made a huge mistake while making gravlax (salt cured fish)

Ok so I prepped the whole thing and just carved the fish only to realize I totally forgot to put the sugar in when curing. Is there any way at all to fix this?

Fernando Esquivel


Stephen June 3, 2021
Can someone help I’ve only added half amount of mixture for curing my salmon can I do anything about it it curing 43 hrs around now will I add more or will I leave it and leave in the fridge for twice as long ??
QueenSashy February 25, 2016
I am with amysarah... If it is already fully cured and cannot be improved upon, you can try using it as a base for a dish, like smoked salmon pate, tart, smoked salmon puff pastry, or in a salad...
HalfPint February 25, 2016
or salmon cakes mixed with mashed potatoes.
amysarah February 25, 2016
How long did it cure before you cut and tried it?
amysarah February 25, 2016
Should add – if it’s only cured around 2 days at this point, you might try rinsing well, patting dry and curing another 1-2 days with just sugar (or sugar and very little salt) plus more of whatever other flavoring you used – dill, juniper, vodka, gin, etc. (If it’s already been 4 days, a longer cure might make it mushy.) Also, I usually serve gravlax with just a dab of mustard/dill sauce…but if it’s extra salty, you might be able to balance it that way - rinse/slice very thin and serve with, e.g., cream cheese on a bagel, or on black bread thickly spread with unsalted butter, or with egg salad, or draped over a cucumber/dill/sour cream salad...all are delicious with very salty/fishy foils.
Fernando E. February 25, 2016
Only 2 days, I had already sliced it before I realized my mistake. Already started curing it in the sugar, so I guess we'll see how it turns out. Thank you very much for the help :D
702551 February 25, 2016
Did you taste it? What did you think?
Fernando E. February 25, 2016
It was incredibly salty, it was kinda fine but after a few bites it's too much. I was thinking of putting in sugar, not sure that it'll work but probably worth a shot.
702551 February 25, 2016
You could try adding some sugar on a couple of slices, curing overnight to see if it improves.

If that doesn't do enough for you to enjoy, I'd consider cooking the rest, flake into small pieces, then freeze/save for other preparations to be mixed with larger quantities of other ingredients (don't use salt at first in those dishes).

One example might be fried rice.

Good luck.
Fernando E. February 25, 2016
Will do, in any case I'll post the results for future reference. thanks a lot :)
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