I need to make an Asian style Chicken Galantine in culinary school for a test in less than 2 weeks. This recipe is the only one I can find. I'm a...

...little confused about the directions. For the marinade you say to add the pepperS and coriander or cilantro. I only see black pepper and the coriander/cilantro is listed with the forcemeat ingredients - which you also direct to add to the forcemeat. Are we using those ingredients twice. or was that a typo. Also, is the "s" on peppers an error? Am I just adding freshly ground black pepper? I need to stuff an entire chicken, not just the breasts and we are required to use ground pork in that stuffing. So I will need to adjust your seasonings to incorporate more meat. Thank you in advance for answering my question

  • Posted by: Linda
  • February 25, 2016


Susan W. February 26, 2016
Since the author of that recipe has passed, I suggest using a tried and true technique (Julia's) and add your own Asian flavor profile twist. You could use Kukla's as a starting point.
ChefJune February 26, 2016
Linda: you should be able to find a Chicken Galantine in Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child, et al.
As well, I just googled that name and this link popped up: www.greatbritishchefs.com This recipe looks good, doable and not confusing. I wish I could help you with Kukla's recipe, but it has cilantro in it so I've never considered attempting it. My go-to is Julia.
luvcookbooks February 26, 2016
So sorry to tell you that Kukla passed away several months ago.
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