Experience with any gluten free Chinese Sausage/Lap Cheong?

Hi Food 52ers! I have a number of recipes I'd like to try that use Chinese sausage but have shied away because I know the sausages generally contain soy sauce, and all brands I've looked at have had soy sauce/wheat in the ingredient list. Wondering if there are any other GF folks that have found a brand they like/trust and used successfully.

Also would appreciate any suggestions for alternatives to Chinese sausage! I know it's sweet, fatty, salty - maybe bacon would make the best alternative?


  • Posted by: byb
  • October 20, 2015


Sarah S. April 14, 2019
Old thread, but T & T supermarkets in Canada now sells GF Chinese sausage - Lap Cheong, made by Sakura Farms. Organic, GF. I've tried it and it tastes just like the original sausage. A godsend for people with celiac that want to cook authentic Chinese.
amysarah October 21, 2015
To get that porky sweet, garlicky, salty, fatty flavor (all the good ones!) you could make some Chinese roast/BBQ pork (use a small piece of shoulder or butt) using tamari instead of soy, then chop it in small chunks. Not the same as lap cheong, but might do the trick.
QueenSashy October 20, 2015
It might depend on the recipe. Do you mind sharing some of the recipes you would like to use? Lap cheongs can be very sweet and fragrant, and other than being fatty, the taste does not really remind me of bacon. I wonder if infusing / marinating a dry pork sausage in gluten free soy sauce, rice wine and rose water might do the job.
byb October 21, 2015
You're right! Recipe ideas might help! Looking through my saved ones, there is a jook recipe, this sticky rice recipe (https://food52.com/recipes/25615-my-mom-s-taiwanese-sticky-rice) and then I'd love to add it to fried rice as my friend from Hong Kong does. I like the idea of infusing a pork sausage with some of the dominant flavors, that seems like it would work well.
QueenSashy October 21, 2015
I have not cooked My Mom's Taiwanese Sticky Rice, but it looks like a lovely recipe. You could message The Cooking of Joy, and see what she would recommend as a substitute.
Garlic F. October 20, 2015
A sweet meaty bacon or ham pan fried to a crisp would be a good substitute. Chinese sausage also tends to be garlickier, so maybe add extra garlic.
Cav October 20, 2015
I have the feeling that at the end of every suggestion you make is the phrase "add extra garlic."
Garlic F. October 21, 2015
Lol! So true!
byb October 21, 2015
I'll never complain about adding extra garlic :)

Thanks for the suggestion!
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