I just bought some lovely star anise pods and curious if anyone has a recipe to share so I can make good use of them?

Kristin Greene


QN March 2, 2016
French Toast with Orange Yogurt from ‘NOPI’ by Yotam Ottolenghi and Ramael Scully. The French Toast is dusted with freshly ground star anise and sugar and it's divine! This is my go-to breakfast/brunch recipe to impress guests (and myself). Recipe - http://news.yahoo.com/french-toast-with-orange-yogurt-from-nopi-172607268.html
burning-ice March 1, 2016
Mulled wine
Summer O. February 29, 2016
Man alive, I love star anise! Love it. When sautéing veggies you can throw some in for added flavor, just pull them out prior to plating - brussels sprouts are a good example. This is my favorite recipe that features star anise http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/tea-smoked-roast-chickens It seems involved - it's really not that bad. If you make the smoking mixture while the brine is cooking - planning a day in advance of course - you can pull it off on a weekday. I also use it for vegetarian pho stock as well, some good recipes for that on this website. Cookies with five spice - delicious. I also add it to apple cider when warming it up during the holidays. And as mentioned I also use it when canning - especially if you make brandied cherries, add a little orange zest and star anise.
Kristin G. February 29, 2016
Thanks so much for all of the responses, they are much appreciated!
LeBec F. February 29, 2016
this is funny. i just assumed everyone would be giving you a recipe for star anise chicken, but they're using it for all sorts of neat things. Here's a few links to the more 'typical' use of soy sauce/ginger/star anise for various uses- chicken, pork ribs, braised beef short ribs. If you put star anise into the Search box on the head 52 Recipes page, alot more recipes will prob come up.

see Step 6 of this recipe, for Star Anise Chicken:


anotherfoodieblogger February 29, 2016
It's a great base spice for Pho!
GsR February 28, 2016
I add one to my pear poaching liquid (along with cinnamon stick and piece of vanill bean)
ktr February 28, 2016
I use star anise most often for chai tea. I did come across a bread recipe a while back that used star anise.
Kristin G. February 29, 2016
KTR - do you mind sharing your chai tea recipe?
ktr February 29, 2016
Sure, I have it at home. I'll post it here tonight or tomorrow.
ktr March 1, 2016
I just added the recipe: https://food52.com/recipes/41461-chai-tea-concentrate
Kristin G. March 1, 2016
Thanks for the recipe ktr!
Bevi February 28, 2016
Plum jam in any form; actually I have added a few pods of star anise to most of my fruit jams at some point or other. Have fun!
ktr February 28, 2016
That's an interesting idea. I can see how star anise would go well with quite a few jams. If I get any canning done this summer I'm going to try adding some star anise to my jams. Thanks for the idea!
Sam1148 February 28, 2016
Oh the above poaching liquid is a "Looing Sauce" and can be reused. It's especially nice for a braised beef. And will last months in the fridge if you bring it to a boil every other week or so.
Sam1148 February 28, 2016
Poach Cornish game hens. Make a poaching liquid: Soy sauce, Orange juice or other citrus, Anise pods, cinnamon sticks, sherry, sugar and garlic. and a good bit of cut up ginger. Bring it to a boil put in the birds on strings under their wings.
Bring back to a boil...turn off the heat and cover. The birds will cook perfectly in 1 hour.---just turn off the heat after it comes to a boil when you add the birds.

Then hang up the birds. with the strings..on cabinet knobs with a drip pan under them. And let them dry about 1 hour. Or until dry (use a hair dryer if you want to speed it up).

Okay...now you have very well seasoned birds cooked through and a dry skin.
Deep fry them...or just put them in 1 inch of oil and turn them around---you just want to crisp up the skin at this point.

Anise pods are a major flavor point of this recipe.
scruz February 28, 2016
i like them in asian recipes such as soup and in a chinese 5 spice mixture (ground with other spices and used as a rub).
Diana B. February 28, 2016
Do you do any canning? If so, I'll paste a couple of nice recipes in here.
Kristin G. February 29, 2016
I don't, but appreciate the offer Diana! :-)
Roby February 28, 2016
I buzz a piece of a pod with the beans for my morning coffee. Rich!
SandraJ February 28, 2016
I add a pod or two when making grapefruit granita. Or add to a hot toddy. Delicious!
SandraJ February 28, 2016
I add a pod or two when making grapefruit granita. Delicious!
Cav February 28, 2016
I love the taste of Anise in all it's forms, and it dances around the palette with many partners. With Star Anise you're looking at infusing mostly.

When I make a Parsnip puree, I simmer chunks of parsnip in milk with a couple of the pods. Same for a carrot soup, cook the vegetables with pods of star anise.

Throw a pod in the mix when caramalising onions. It beefs up their meatiness. When making a red wine reduction for a pan sauce (say, for a steak), chuck a pod in there. Then add mushrooms. Likewise adding a pod in the mix for a gravy from roast drippings pumps up those flavours.

Use in place of fennel for a white fish poaching stock (Water, White wine, Aromatics). Chuck a couple of pods in the cavity of poultry before roasting.

And for dessert, a pod or two in the mix for a Lemon Sorbet. Beautiful.
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