Hello all! I'm a freelance journalist working on a multimedia project celebrating the diversity of NYC through homecooks and their recipes.

If you live in NYC and love making food that connects you to your home, heritage, or history, you're perfect!
Email me: [email protected]

Evelyn Chapman


Evelyn C. March 3, 2016
Thank you all so much! I actually reached out to League of Kitchens, they very kindly gave me some other resources for finding home cooks. I will definitely look into these other responses. Wish me luck!
amysarah March 3, 2016
If you're not familiar with this, I'd check it out: https://www.leagueofkitchens.com/workshops

Immigrant cooks from all over the world - India, Caribbean, Argentina, Lebanon, Greece, Japan, etc. - who host small workshops in their NYC kitchens, using their home recipes.
ChefJune March 3, 2016
Also Hot Bread Kitchen (home of the cookbook of the same name here in Piglet) which is comprised of immigrants from around the world who are all now here in New York.
Kristen W. March 3, 2016
Sounds like a great project - thanks for posting it here.
Smaug March 2, 2016
So what's the question?
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