I am doing a school project and would appreciate it if you could help with these questions

Dear Community,

My name is Aiden Ryan, and I am a 7th grade student at Center Grove Middle School Central in Greenwood, IN. In my LA class we are working on a project called "Genius Hour." For this project, we were asked to choose a topic that we are passionate about. One major part of this project is seeking a mentor to help with answer questions about the topic I chose, which for me is cooking. My guiding question for Genius Hour is "How can I make a perfect sandwhich with steak, turkey, and chicken." I was hoping you could answer some questions regarding my project.

1: The best way to crisp up bread (I have an air fryer)

2: The best kind of turkey to use for sandwhiches

3: What hot sauce do you reccomend for steak and/or turkey sandwhiches.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post. I look forward to hearing from you! If you have any questions, please contact my LA teacher with any questions you may have.
Mrs. Brooks: [email protected]



Tom V. April 13, 2021
For steak, I'd make a green sauce, a chimichurri, which is olive oil, parsley, garlic, etc.
For turkey, 'd want something in red or orange, so Texas Pete or something similar mixed with mayo. I really like Kewpie mayo. It's Japanese and pleasantly fishy tasting.
Kristen M. April 9, 2021
Hi Aiden,

Thank you for asking us—there are so many home cooks here who are happy to help! I think the other answers here about turkey, steak, and hot sauce are really great, so I'll just share my favorite toast tips:

For quick crisping, I don't have a toaster so love using the broiler. Just turn on the broiler setting on your oven, make sure it's heating from the top of the inside of the oven (some ovens have their broiler in the bottom and there might not be room to easily slide your toast underneath and watch it), put your bread on a sheet pan, and set it on a rack that's about 6 inches below the top of the oven. Watch it closely and when it's lightly golden on one side, use tongs or a spatula to flip the pieces over and toast the other side. For a treat, I also really like frying toast in a few tablespoons of olive oil in a skillet on the stovetop until it's golden brown, but a sandwich already has plenty of other treats going on.

I also recently learned a genius trick for bread that's just a little too dry and stale to be tasty in a sandwich—dip the bread slices in milk, squeeze them out, and use them to make a delicious pizza toast! https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1013129-stale-bread-pizza
Emily H. April 9, 2021
Hey Aiden! I love seeing your excitement with this sandwich building. I personally really love pan-frying toast with butter. The bread gets golden brown and crispy with the added flavor of the butter. As for turkey, I want it as thinly sliced as possible. Perhaps alternate slices of the turkey and the steak? And I feel like any hot sauce you love, mixed with a little mayo and mustard, would make a great spread on the sandwich. I'd probably pick a sriracha or more flavorful hot sauce, rather than one that is just spicy! Best of luck on your sandwich adventures!
Nan April 9, 2021
Hi Aiden, I'm not a Chef but I like using sandwich press (panini press). I like a Turkey Reuben ( turkey, creamy coleslaw, russian dressing and swiss cheese. Smoked turkey with Havarti cheese, thin apple slices and a little honey mustard. Turkey BLT :) Good luck with your project!!
Gammy April 9, 2021
Hi Aiden! So glad you are taking an interest in the food you eat! There is so much information and plenty of people with facts and opinions, as I am sure you will find out. Experiment with what you eat, that is the way to learn what YOU like. For me.... #1. I like either to toast bread in a toaster, or you can also use an oven broiler. Or go the hot cast iron skillet route with either mayo or butter, both excellent! #2. I personally LOVE leftover turkey breast shaved thinly off a big roasted turkey. With cranberry sauce if you have it, too. #3. Hot sauce... quite a variety of flavors and heat out there. For me, you can't go wrong with general purpose Crystal or a Thai chili sauce. BUT... experiment with sauces whenever you can so you can find your own favorite.
Kaleigh E. April 9, 2021
Hello Aiden! I hope you're having a good school year and a great week! :) I work for the Care team here, but I used to be a Chef so happy chime in. I think it's awesome that you are passionate about food; it's a fantastic (and yummy) thing to be passionate about!

1: I'm gonna agree with Emma on the toaster method! It's easy-peasy and running while you prep your other ingredients.

2: You're going to get a wide array of answers on this one, so I'm going to give you my favorite: Shredded turkey leftovers from the holidays. It's gonna be a controversial take maybe, but I love turkey best when I get to make a sandwich with some leftover shredded turkey mixed with mayo, salt, pepper, and some cranberry sauce!

3: I don't usually have hot sauce on either of those to be 100% honest, but I think that for a steak sandwich a good salsa verde would be great, and for turkey I'd probably do a sriracha mixed with mayo!

Good luck on your project, and thanks for bringing some smiles to our Friday!
Caroline M. April 9, 2021
Hi Aiden! Here from the editorial team, too, weighing in on the hot sauce Q. Our team recommends something vinegary like the New Orleans-style Crystal hot sauce, a sweet Thai chili sauce, or another fan favorite: Marie Sharp's vinegar-based hot sauce from Belize. Hope this helps, and good luck on your project!
Emma L. April 9, 2021
Hi Aiden, what a fun project! Here are my thoughts:

1. My favorite way to crisp up bread for a sandwich is a toaster. That way, the bread is in-the-works while I tend to the other sandwich components (like slicing cheese, mixing up a sauce, etc). An air fryer is conveniently hands-off in this way too!

2. Tough one! I think the best turkey is...the turkey you like best :) I love a thickly sliced roast turkey for sandwiches, but I know people who prefer a thinly sliced smoked turkey, and the options go on and on. It's your sandwich, so your opinion matters most!

3. For a turkey or steak sandwich, I'm all about mixing something spicy with mayonnaise, and calling it a "super sauce." Say, sriracha or Dijon mustard or gochujang. The contrast of spicy-tangy and creamy-rich is delicious with just about any meat or vegetable.
Brinda A. April 9, 2021
Hi Aiden! We'd be so happy to help! The editors on the Food52 team are going to be chiming in with some answers to your questions here. I'll start. My favorite way to crisp up bread is by putting it in a very hot cast-iron pan with a spread of mayo on both sides (watch it carefully and flip often so it doesn't burn!). It gets the bread really nice and toasty, and adds a ton of flavor too.
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