Have you ever heard "Olive Stone Bread"?

Hi, everyone.
Has anyone eaten or heard bread with olive stone?

I have been consulted about possible uses of olive stones by a member of town council of a small island in Japan, called Shodo-shima island.
*Shodo-shima island is located in western Japan. Its climate is suitable to grow olives and it became famous for olive production in Japan.

The story is like this. An olive processing company in this island was requested to distribute olive stones by someone. The person said that s/he will use them for making bread as the purpose of this request.

Now the company is willing to utilize olive stones for more various options, such as bread, if it's edible.

I know olive stones are being used for various purposes, such as biofuel, chicken feed, but I have never heard its use of bake.

If anyone have ideas on it, please help!

Thank you.

Young-Ja Park


amysarah March 5, 2016
I know that in Spain (another big olive producer,) the pits are used as fuel - though not specifically for wood burning bread ovens, as far as I know.

(When I first saw your question's subject, I misread: "Oliver Stone Bread." Was intrigued by a bread baking conspiracy.)
Young-Ja P. March 10, 2016
thanks for your comment!

It seems that even people from western countries are not familiar to eating olive pits. It's like plum pickled plum in Japan.

love your joke.lol
702551 March 10, 2016
Well, if it customary for people your country to eat olive pits, then go for it.

Forget what Westerners do, just do what works best for your target audience.
Exbruxelles March 5, 2016
Everything I've read about olive pits indicates that they're used either for compost, industrial applications--mostly abrasives--or animal feed.

They are edible, which is to say they aren't toxic, but I haven't come across an application that would turn them into what someone from the western hemisphere would call bread.
Young-Ja P. March 10, 2016
Thanks for your comment!
Well, if I make a bread with olive stones, i might be a first person who become successful in it!
I will try it, unless it's toxic.
appreciate to your information.
Smaug March 4, 2016
"Be he live or be he dead, I'll grind his bones to make my bread". Just thought I'd throw that in, but people have made some very strange breads from time to time.
Young-Ja P. March 4, 2016
Very extreme though, that's also one way to think. thanks!
702551 March 4, 2016
My best guess is that the olive stones (a.k.a. pits) would be used to power bread ovens by converting the heat from burning them to electricity.

Young-Ja P. March 4, 2016
thanks for your comments. I see... will update when i find something new idea!
Lindsay-Jean H. March 3, 2016
Perhaps the person meant s/he was planning on using them for bread as in they were using them as fuel in a wood-burning oven to bake their bread in rather than putting them in the actual bread?
Young-Ja P. March 3, 2016
Thanks for your comments. I think that's one possibility. Do you think olive stone cannot be ingredients for bread, even it becomes like flour?
Lindsay-Jean H. March 3, 2016
Not as far as I know, but I'd love to hear more if you learn otherwise.
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