crock pot baby back ribs technique

I am making a rack of St Louis Style spare ribs in the crock pot. I saw a video where they removed the membrane of the ribs before slow cooking. I have not done this in the past. Is this something I should do?

Lucia from Madison


702551 March 5, 2016
If you've done in the past and you liked it, that's really what counts the most, not what some celebrity chef or TV personality says.

Some people prefer to remove the membrane A.) to help the meat absorb the rub/sauce more, and B.) to remove that texture.

My suggestion is that you do one batch and see if you like it. If you don't, you can always revert back to your original and time-testing technique. Heck, you could even remove the membrane from half of the rack and see if you can spot a difference.

Entirely your call.

Good luck.
Lucia F. March 5, 2016
I had to cut the slab in half so I removed the membrane from one half and not from the other. And it was not a celebrity chef it was fellow food blogger, who may one day be a TV personality. Dream big!
Susan W. March 5, 2016
I never do, but I like the chewiness that the membrane adds. It's a personal choice, so you can do it either way.
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