What nuts would you pair with mint?

I am trying to create a riff on Budino di Gianduia (Chocolate Biscotti Pudding) by including a minty flavor...I would like to keep the texture from the nuts. What nuts would you pair with the mint? The original recipe I made called for hazelnuts and was delicious. Do you think that would still work? Is there another crunchy topping you would use that would keep it's texture in the pudding?



Shannon March 10, 2016
Macadamia nuts might work.
Kristen W. March 10, 2016
I think the Girl Scout Thin Mint is peppermint, yes? I should know - my daughter was just selling them, but I never tried the thin mints!
HopeinDC March 9, 2016
You could add pine nuts and pomegranate for a fun Mediterranean spin! Or you could go christmassy and use hard mint candies - that wa y you would have the crunchy texture and mint flavors
ChefJune March 9, 2016
There are many different kinds of mint, and I think they don't necessarily all go with the same flavors. What variety of mint are you thinking of using?
Rachelwrites March 9, 2016
I know that there are but I don't know the names. I want a Girl Scout Thin Mint flavor.
ChefJune March 10, 2016
Then you probably should go with peppermint. Probably the easiest to find out of season. I grow both peppermint and spearmint (which I prefer) in the warmer weather.
drbabs March 9, 2016
I have a (probably inaccurate) childhood memory of candied pecans that were covered in a white almost meringue like coating that was mint flavored. I've never been able to find a recipe or re-create it myself, but I have a fondness for pecans and mint.

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jessicamclement March 9, 2016
my mind initially went to pistachios... to create some sort of middle eastern vibe ! those flavours pair well together.
Rae March 8, 2016
I think almost any nut would work well. My go to nut in most situations is almonds. Orange would also be a lovely match with chocolate & hazelnuts or almonds. Freeze dried berries (raspberries or blue berries) would be good too.
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