Sour tangerines. My neighbor has a tree with sour tangerines and is wondering what to do with them. Normally the fruits... - Food52

Sour tangerines. My neighbor has a tree with sour tangerines and is wondering what to do with them. Normally the fruits are sweet. Any suggestions.



Simplyaok March 11, 2016
This reminds me of using Calamondins from my tree. They are a smallish fruit and also sour although the peel is sweet. I would us a recipe for Key Lime pies that uses sweetened condensed milk. Regular or fat free. You can google it to find it. I bet it would be delish with your fruit..
jane.coombs88 March 11, 2016
What a terrific suggestion. Thx
Simplyaok March 13, 2016
Let me know how it turns out!!!!
Smaug March 13, 2016
Might work, but Key limes are much more strongly flavored than tangerines. Key lime pie (assuming you find a reasonaby authentic recipe- there are a ton of pretenders out there) depends on the acidity of the fruit to set the filling, and tangerines and key limes may not act the same. It also tends to be awfully sweet, so a less acidic fruit could be a problem with flavor too.
Smaug March 11, 2016
If you choose to zest, I wish you luck- tangerine zest is extremely thin and the loose skinned varieties are difficult to zest at the best of times- a pile of 50-100 of them would be a large undertaking.
Smaug March 11, 2016
By le by, sweetness in tangerines, as with many citrus, is largely a reaction to cold weather- they will tend to be sour in unusually warm winters- or in the tropics (where they also tend to stay green). Your neighbor's tree is likely to return to normal next year.
Shuna L. March 10, 2016
Zest all the fruits and freeze the zest! This way you can always have it when you're baking or making vinaigrette or braising... Or make marmalade with the whole fruits.

With the juice: sorbet, granita, ice cream, sherbet, cocktails, aqua fresca, &/or freeze in ice cube trays for a later date. The choices are endless! P.s. I'm a little jealous...
HalfPint March 10, 2016
I would use the juice for a mojo marinade (in lieu of sour oranges or orange/lime juice) for a Cuban roast pork.
JeffyV March 10, 2016
Make a tangerine (sugar) syrup-juice and chop up the peels. Combine with raw sugar, and allow to sit overnight. Strain out solids and freeze the extra for fresh sodas all summer!
amysarah March 10, 2016
Squeeze the juice and use it to make a Cuban Mojo - marinade/sauce - for pork or chicken. Many recipes online using bitter orange, but this could be an interesting sub.

Or cook down a syrup with the juice, sugar and water to use in cocktails.
jane.coombs88 March 10, 2016
Great suggestion. I juiced them and liked it. Bear in mind I eat bitter melon often. Great for keeping my blood sugar in check.
Ben M. March 10, 2016
You might want to turn them into a marmalade. You could also preserve them like you do lemons and use them for a twist on a standard dish. Depending on what tools you have in your kitchen ChefSteps has a video and write up on candied oranges. They do use sous vied machine and a vacuum sealer for it though. Looks delicious but maybe not worth it.
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