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A question about a recipe: Figgy Pudding Butter Cookies

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I have a question about the recipe "Figgy Pudding Butter Cookies" from Helenthenanny. How do you alter this recipe for living at high altitude?

asked by Jenny Burns 9 months ago
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added 9 months ago

Hopefully someone with more high altitude experience will chime in, but probably not much effect- altitude will mostly effect things being boiled (different boiling temp) and the way leavenings behave in cakes, souffles and the like- it shouldn't have much effect on most types of cookies.

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added 9 months ago

Unfortunately this is not true. I am in Colorado and baking cookies here requires some alterations if you want soft chewy cookies. I was hoping someone would have made these above 5000ft to let me know what to alter. I suppose trial and error may be the way to go. Altitude makes baking a real chore with adjusting bake time, temp, flour, sugar and moisture.

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added 9 months ago

Ah well, cookies are pretty much cakes with less moisture. Possibly adding some moisture would help your problem, but that's just guessing- good luck.