Any idea how long these will last? Can I make them a week, or even two before I need them? Can I freeze them and thaw for the event?

  • Posted by: Hilary
  • December 13, 2016
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Figgy Pudding Butter Cookies
Recipe question for: Figgy Pudding Butter Cookies

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Lindsay-Jean H. December 15, 2016
You could definitely freeze the dough and then bake closer to when you need them, here are AntoniaJames' comments on doing that: "An update: the logs freeze, cut and bake perfectly, but keep in mind that a log sliced and baked does not produce the same cookie as one that is rolled and then cut. I gently press the slices down a bit to eliminate the roughness around the outside edge and to make them a bit thinner, knowing that they rise when baked. I love these cookies, and am including them in the holiday boxes, tins and plates that will be distributed this year. ;o)"
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