How do you alter this recipe for living at high altitude?

Figgy Pudding Butter Cookies
Recipe question for: Figgy Pudding Butter Cookies


Smaug March 16, 2016
Hopefully someone with more high altitude experience will chime in, but probably not much effect- altitude will mostly effect things being boiled (different boiling temp) and the way leavenings behave in cakes, souffles and the like- it shouldn't have much effect on most types of cookies.
Jenny B. March 16, 2016
Unfortunately this is not true. I am in Colorado and baking cookies here requires some alterations if you want soft chewy cookies. I was hoping someone would have made these above 5000ft to let me know what to alter. I suppose trial and error may be the way to go. Altitude makes baking a real chore with adjusting bake time, temp, flour, sugar and moisture.
Smaug March 16, 2016
Ah well, cookies are pretty much cakes with less moisture. Possibly adding some moisture would help your problem, but that's just guessing- good luck.
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