Corned beef - to boil or to braise???

Dana Paine


cookbookchick March 20, 2016
Too late now, I'm sure, but I've had very good results using a pressure cooker.
Windischgirl March 18, 2016
Braise. I use my crockpot, make a base of vegetables (carrots, celery, sometimes potatoes), place the meat on top and cover with water. Cook on low for 8+ hours. The resulting broth is delicious for making lentil or bean soups, or 'Reuben Soup'--cut the leftover corned beef, carrots, cabbage (or sauerkraut) and potatoes into bite-sized pieces and heat in the broth (add water if too salty). Top individual bowls of soup with shredded Swiss cheese and rye croutons.
702551 March 17, 2016
Kenji says braise:

There are others like Suzanne Goins who say boil.

My personal preference would be to braise because I think low-and-slow is better for this cut of meat.

In the end, it's your call -- what you and your guests prefer. Clearly, people have enjoyed corned beef cooked both ways for well over a century.

Good luck.
Dana P. March 17, 2016
Thanks! I also lean toward the braise! Need to get it going!
pierino March 17, 2016
I'd go with braise also. If you boil brisket you risk making the meat tough. Another alternative is sous vide which is even slower.
Dana P. March 17, 2016
Per a different braise recipe (more of a dry-braise, to my mind, using a rack and very little water) I browned the beef WELL before - departing from that recipe - half-submerging in a covered roasting pan. It's braising away nicely at 225°.
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