Corned beef smells coming out of the backage

I bought grey corned beef in a cryopackage. It is not past it's due date, but it
really smelled bad coming right out of the package. I through it into boiling
water and then changed the water about 1/2 hour later. Does it usually small REALLY pungent?

Jane Maurer


Jane M. March 17, 2016
UPDATE. Well it tasted great. It's the next day and I haven't gotten sick.... yet anyway.
I guess this kind of meat can smell really bad. In fact, it smelled so bad that I don't think
I will never make it again, even tho it tasted really good. I just can't get that smell out of
my nose.
Kim M. March 19, 2016
Thanks for the update!
Jane M. March 19, 2016
Yup, smelled putrid, but tasted great! Never got sick
Sam1148 March 17, 2016
I've made corned beef without nitrates. (grey) and yea it does smell a bit. It's a fermented product. I think it's nasty. Because it's basically 10 day or more old salted beef with spices. Which corned beef with nitrates is 10 day or more old 'pickled/Cured" beef.

I now use either Morton tender quick or get the precorned stuff with nitrates.

Susan W. March 16, 2016
I can't answer the "how does it usually smell" (not a fan of corned beef), but I'm with chops. If something looked or smelled off, it would go right back to the store.
702551 March 16, 2016
Sounds like you got a defective product. Bring it back and ask for an exchange/refund.
sexyLAMBCHOPx March 16, 2016
If I opened and discovered a grey and off-smelling piece of meat there is no way I would use it. I would be disgusted and concerned bout food safety. I would then proceed to return/call where purchased and insist on a full refund. Same for anything really - chicken, fish, etc.
JulieS March 16, 2016
"Grey" corned beef is not the problem here. It is an actual type of corned beef that many people covet and look for this time of year. It all comes down to how it is cured or salted. There are two types of corned beef, red and grey. The fact that it was off smelling might however be the problem, but I would check with a trusted butcher first. That just might be the brine. Here is an article on the differences between the two types.
sexyLAMBCHOPx March 17, 2016
Great info. I'm very sensitive I guess to smell & appearance - my bad. I hope her corned beef turned out well.
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